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Scientific and reasonable to determine the vehicle toll standards, and requested by the end

of 2017 to complete. The toll revenue gap is over 300 billion yuan

At present, China 's toll roads are generally in the state of income. Ministry of Transport
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recently announced the "2015 national toll road system

"Gazette" shows that in 2015 the national toll road toll income and expenditure gap of 318.73

billion yuan, compared with 2014 expanded 161.62 billion yuan, up

102.9%. At the same time, the scale of the debt is also expanding, compared with 2014, the

national toll road debt net increase of 604.23 billion yuan, an increase of 15.7%


One side is the loss of toll roads and debt scale continues to expand, while enterprises are

reducing the cost of logistics for the desire, as well as the people for the "money
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Where the "doubts and puzzled, multiple pressures and demands, the future toll road reform

will go? Many people think that should be abolished charges

Policy, which is feasible?

In the view of experts, the abolition of the possibility of toll road policy is not large.

According to the "toll road management regulations (revised draft)," political

Government toll roads in the implementation of the unified system, no longer specify the

specific charge period, but the actual sinking period shall prevail, to determine the

charging period

limit. Franchise expressway operating period is generally not more than 30 years, large-scale

investment, long return cycle of highways can be agreed for more than 30 years

; Debt service period, after the end of the operating period, the implementation of
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maintenance and management fees.