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It is we "correct words wind", change "the sound of the machine bells are old and die with

each other" habit, change our different strangers talk habits
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In this case,
In addition, Internet software may help strangers break through a communication barrier.

Scientific and technological progress to promote the materialization of the progress is not

just, perhaps

But also contribute to social progress. The same is a stranger, why passengers and taxi

driver communication barriers less? Probably because of the occupation

Information, vehicle information a little understanding, is based on a certain degree of

information transparency of trust. Related to the improvement of platform technology can

effectively enhance the letter

To help strangers out of "do not want to speak," the embarrassment, and then break the "do

not talk to strangers," the curse it? In the vastness of China

Of the long history, the princes will never be absent, of course, the power of the harem has

been the emergence of more powerful is the emergence of the Qin Dynasty
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Two incredible female power, the first is the eight son (name is not called on do not know),

the second is the Empress Dowager Zhao (Qin Shi Huang

His mother). The subsequent dynasty is not the lack of strong women, such as Wu Zetian,

Princess Shanyin, Empress Old Woman and so on. Since the month of this month

Fire, may wish to eight children in the Qin Dynasty history, the most important contribution

- the bed of diplomatic wind, do a marginalization of it!

historical figure

Empress Dowager (? - 265 years ago), 芈 (mǐ) Surname, also known as 芈 eight son, Qin

Xuan Queen Mother. Warring States Period Queen of Qin, Qin Huiwen Wang concubines

, Qin Zhaoxiang Wang mother. Qin Zhaoxiang ascended the throne at the beginning of the

Empress Dowager Empress Dowager's position in power, during the ruling, attack off the Yiquan
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country, in one fell swoop destroyed Qin

Of the western big trouble. After the death of buried in Zhiyang Lishan.